After Service

We offer a comprehensive range of after-sales services to keep
your treasured keepsake forever in perfect condition.

Original Service

Exclusive services provided solely for I-PRIMO’s customers.

Professional Cleaning

We provide complimentary jewellery cleaning and polishing services as well. Please check with our in-store consultants for more details.

Size Alteration,
Size Exchange Service

Engagement Rings
Wedding Rings
Eternity Rings

  • ・Free size alteration for current ring is provided (applicable upon assessment on the condition of the ring by I-PRIMO).
  • ・Free size exchange for the first time. A service fee of S$200 will be charged from the second time onwards.

※ Ring repair includes: ring restoration, rounding, surface refinishing and loose setting.
※ Special ring sizes: If the modified size exceeds the standard ring sizes (#3~#20), an additional special ring size fee will be collected (quoted separately).
※ After size alteration, the thickness or roundness of the ring may be different than before.
※ If the ring design does not allow any modification, exceeds the range of modification, or is not recommended for modification after evaluation, our staff will recommend size exchange instead.

Repair Service

Engagement Rings
Wedding Rings
Eternity Rings

  • ・A one-year free repair period is provided. A service charge of S$100 will be charged per item repaired upon exceeding a year after purchase.
  • ・Free repair services are provided if the melee diamonds fell out from the ring within one-year of purchase. An additional fee (quoted separately) will be charged upon exceeding a year after purchase.
  • ・We may not be able to provide free service to some of the ring designs due to their special finishing and polishing procedures.*

※This is not applicable to the center stone of engagement ring and pink melee diamonds.

Fashion Jewellery

  • ・A one-year free repair period is provided. Afterwards, a quotation for the charges will be provided after assessment.
  • ・For defects and damages resulting from improper use, an additional fee will be charged at our discretion.
  • ・The missing or damaged of certain parts could result in a situation deemed impossible to repair.

※Items purchased outside of Singapore will not be entitled for the free of charge warranty period.
※If you require service from another region, please visit I-PRIMO’s official website of the specific region for more information.

  • ・The free of charge warranty period is only applicable to items purchased within Singapore.
  • ・Service options and fees may vary according to country.
  • ・If you required service from another country, please visit I-PRIMO official website of such country for more information.