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Making Moments of
Happiness into
Everlasting Memories

As you advance towards each important
milestone in life,
I-PRIMO would like to play a supporting role in your happy moments.
We help capture the feelings of your most important moments in the shape of a ring and other
jewelry and turn them into treasured keepsakes.

Five Concepts Behind
Our Company Logo

The main part of our logo is derived from the Chinese character for “people” (人) as people are the most important element of our business. This part of our logo symbolises that people shine brightly like diamonds.

Our logo expresses not only Japan’s iconic Mt. Fuji reflected on the surface of the water, but also the company’s vision of developing the spirit of Japanese hospitality abroad.

Mirroring the Chinese character for “people” from the top to the bottom suggests the everlasting bond between married couples, and also the bond between our employees and customers.

Warm colors are used to symbolize love, passion with a touch of Japanese feel.

The “Diamond” listed in the company name indicates that the company specializes in bridal jewelry.

Company Information

Establishment Date
November 10, 2021
Managing Director
Tomotaka Miyata
Naoki Sawano
9653 6058
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