• Engagement Ring

    An engagement ring is a symbol of everlasting love,
    It represents a new chapter of a couple's relationship, a promise of love and the starting point of a lifelong commitment.

  • Wedding Ring

    It is believed that a vein, also known as the vein of love, runs directly from the ring finger of the left hand to the heart.Now people wear their wedding rings on that finger, as a meaningful symbol of their eternal love.

  • Eternity Ring

    An eternity ring comprises a band ring with continuous line of identical diamonds that symbolizes a couple's never-ending love.
    Eternity rings can commemorate your union as an engagement ring and/or wedding ring.


For couples looking for their dream wedding ring.
As a bridal ring specialty brand, I-PRIMO provides an extensive range of wedding rings with unique features that will suit your every need.

Anniversary Jewelry

A gift of love, gratitude and above all, a promise for a bright future.
Find the sparkle and brillance that reflects your love story.

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  • anniversary02
  • anniversary03


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