An antique style that radiates warmth.
A collection that exudes the essence of craftsmanship.

  • Concept

    A series that expresses the beginning of a blissful journey. Every engraving on the ring marks the days and moments the couple will experience as they embark on this new journey hand in hand.

    Concept Concept
  • Feel the warmth
    of artisanal handicraft.

    A warm and antique texture that can only be created by hand. This collection incorporates traditional techniques with modern craftsmanship to bring out the unique styles and textures.


  • Sublime quality of
    a double matte finish.

    A double matte finish created with a delicate hairline finish and satin polish gives the ring a beautiful silk-like texture, delivering a soft lustre and smooth touch.

  • Delicate texture formed by
    exquisite craftsmanship.

    Delicately constructed by skilled craftsmen, the hammered finish creates soft lights and shadows. Each stroke is unique and evokes the richness of nature.


A collection that embodies a couple's journey.
Rings that exudes antiquity and individuality.

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