Every perfect marriage proposal comes with a perfect engagement ring. But finding a ring that not only delights but fits your partner while keeping it hush-hush can be challenging. 

Though it may be tempting to discuss it upfront, going out of your way to arrange a surprise proposal is what makes the gesture so heartwarming. It shows a lot of thought and effort has been put into creating an exciting moment to be remembered for a lifetime.

At I-PRIMO, we’re all about helping soulmates celebrate this special moment. So, beyond our mesmerizing engagement rings, we have rounded up some of the sneakiest ways to get your partner’s ring size in secret. These tried-and-true methods will ensure that when you pop the question, the ring slides on effortlessly. 

1. Borrow Their Ring

Borrowing your partner’s ring is one of the most straightforward methods of getting their ring size. Ensure your partner is away before you commence the operation. Select a ring that sits on the ring finger of the left hand—this is to prevent any size discrepancies resulting from the dominant and non-dominant hand. 

There are multiple methods to getting your partner’s ring sized. You can use the ring for measurement by tracing its inner circle on a piece of paper, or bring it whole to the jeweler if you’re sure your partner won’t notice. Alternatively, wear the ring yourself, and indicate with a mark on where it sits on your finger.

2. Ask Their Friends or Family

If you’re lucky, your partner’s friends and family may be aware of their ring size. There’s no harm in asking your partner’s loved ones, as this can save you considerable time and effort, as long as they can keep a secret (and a huge one, at that). 

3. Or, Get Help From Them

Even if friends and family aren’t privy to that information, another solution is to have them ask directly or bring your partner out shopping. Loved ones can weasel ring size into conversation discreetly or try out different sizing options when browsing in-store. To streamline the latter, coordinate with your choice jeweler and a trusted friend or family member. This approach might even give you insights into your partner’s design preferences.

4. Measure Their Finger While They’re Asleep

It is important to wait until your partner is sound asleep for this to work. Prepare your tools beforehand—whether it is a ring sizer, a piece of string or measuring tape. Ring sizers work like zip ties and measure the finger to fit the inner diameter of a ring. If you’re using a piece of string, make sure to be gentle and quiet when wrapping it around their finger. The worst that could happen is not being caught in the act itself, but your partner feigning sleep, fully aware of what is up your sleeve!

5. Hand Casting or Jewelry Making

Hand casting creates a mould using non-toxic materials such as plaster. The result is a replica of your hand, capturing a moment in time that acts as a great way to preserve precious memories. Use hand casting as a clever means of getting your partner’s ring size. This fun couple’s activity can involve both of your hands getting moulded for a charming keepsake without your partner suspecting a thing. 

Hand casting is available as DIY kits and workshops. In the same vein, jewelry making (such as with beads) serves the same purpose.

6. Ask Directly or Indirectly

The truth is that if marriage has been in talks between you and your partner, then the engagement has to come in one way or another. This means that while expected, catching your partner off guard with a surprise proposal is more about timing than it is about decision. In such scenarios, asking directly can certainly be a wise decision.

However, there are countless other ways to ask your partner for their ring size without stating it explicitly. For one, getting a ring for a family member or mutual friend can lead to curiosity about each other’s ring sizes. Holding your partner’s hand up against your own and making casual observations works just as well. The key lies in being tactical, subtle and creative.

7. Get a Photo of Your Hands Together

Jewelers have the expertise to make pretty accurate estimations of your partner’s ring size with photos. To do this, surreptitiously sneak a photo of both your and your partner’s hands together and bring it to your jeweler. They will use your hand as a reference point and make a judgment call based on their wealth of ring-making experience.

8. Slip Your Ring On Their Finger

The opposite of borrowing their ring, slipping your own ring on your partner’s fingers offers a way to gauge how much bigger or smaller the proposal ring has to be. If it’s too snug, inspect the space between the ring and the base of the digit; if it’s too loose, assess the gap between the width of the finger and the inner diameter of the ring.

9. Take Them Ring Shopping

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, “for the fun of it”, or “just because”, ring shopping accommodates all, and requires no occasion. Take your partner out and stop by a jewelry store to have your fingers professionally sized. On top of preparing for the grand proposal, this is a wonderful way to demonstrate your affection and appreciation for your partner. It can be a sole gift to them or a couple’s ring set for the both of you that builds up to the significant milestone.

10. Use a Placeholder Ring

The option of a placeholder or temporary ring isn’t as popular, but it doesn’t spoil the surprise or make the proposal any less beautiful. In fact, for some couples, a placeholder ring could be the ideal choice if one partner has very specific requirements for their dream ring. Those who prefer their partner to be equally involved in the ring design process might also find a placeholder ring more favorable. Just make sure to select your placeholder ring thoughtfully, as you would with the actual ring, apart from using it to determine the size of your partner’s finger. 

Final Thoughts

Ensuring the perfect fit for your partner’s ring is essential for a flawless and magical proposal. The last thing anyone would want is the disappointment on our beloved’s face upon receiving a ring that doesn’t fit. While resizing is possible, the thought of waiting to wear a stunning ring that rightfully belongs to them can be agonizing.

At I-PRIMO, we’ve been uniting couples in holy matrimony for many years—primarily through our exquisite collection of engagement ring designs. Now, we’ve expanded to offer specialized services aimed at helping lovebirds pinpoint their ring size and preferences.

Gift your soulmate an unparalleled ring that perfectly matches up to, and complements their beauty. Whether it’s a spontaneous surprise or a meticulously planned proposal, we’ll ensure a seamless experience and moment for you. 

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