From the moment you come to choose your ring,
it is going to open a new chapter of
your happy life.

  • Variety

    Be it a simple or opulent design, platinum or gold material, we can always take in you and your partner’s suggestions and reflect it in our designs.
    The center diamond of the wedding ring can be selected from our wide range of collection, and tailored according to your preference and budget.

  • Every ring tells a story.

    At I-PRIMO, our rings are specially made to have their own distinct and exquisite designs.

    Every engagement ring is named after a star or zodiac sign, while every wedding ring is named after a Greek legend. With over 200 designs to choose from, you will surely find the perfect ring that symbolizes you and your partner’s love story.

  • Detail

    We pay attention to details and strive to acheive perfection because each ring is made to last for a lifetime.

    All I-PRIMO rings are carefully crafted to enahnce its durability while incorporating beautiful designs which are required of bridal rings. The precise balance of attention to detail, such as the way the light is being captured by the diamond setting or the extremely delicate prongs which holds the diamond in place. The reliable workmanship allows the diamond to shine to its maximum brilliance.

  • Comfort

    High-quality and comfortable rings created
    with superior design and advanced craftsmanship.

    To strike the perfect balance between style and comfort, each ring is carefully crafted to exacting values proven by quality engineering.

    As it is meant to accompany you for a lifetime, all I-PRIMO rings are specially polished to soften the inner edge of the ring and ensure a comfortable fit on your finger.

ReservationComplimentary Consultation

Walk-ins are welcome, but we recommend making a reservation to avoid waiting.
All consultations are complimentary and reservations help us to prepare for your visit and serve you better.