Pale Brown Gold


Golden primary colour with a gentle sparkle, fits like a glove and adds
a touch of soft elegance to your wedding ring.

  • Concept

    I-PRIMO's original colour — gold, is slightly pale and gives a sense of calmness with elegance and maturity. We have named this new colour "Pale Brown Gold".

  • Colours that blend beautifully with anyone's hands.

    Pale brown gold is a subtle yet universal colour which is able to complement anyone's appearance. It gently illuminates the couple's commitment to the future and adorns the finger with a shining glow.


  • An exclusive colour specially created by I-PRIMO

    Pale brown gold is an original colour created by I-PRIMO by inventing a unique composition*. The exquisite hue, a shade between platinum and rose gold, creates a chic and unique look.

    *A combination of several metals.

  • A colour that complements the fingers and enhances the brilliant sparkle of diamonds

    The natural colour perfectly and naturally complements one's skin tone.The soft, pale hue makes the diamond less likely to blend into the colour of the material and enhances its clear brilliance at the same time.


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