Colorless diamond rings – the quintessential marker of new unions, the indisputable darling of ornamental jewelry. Pulling individuals into a shimmering waltz with the slightest pierce of light, these highly coveted gemstones occupy the top grades on the color scale (D, E, F). But what lies beyond that crystal clear dazzle? Find out as together, we steep our love for these precious stones into a captivating rainbow of colors, and get up close and personal with these tinted diamonds waiting to enrich and illustrate our extraordinary tales of romance.

Colored Diamonds: Injecting Vibrance into Glitz and Glamor

A shimmering spectrum of diamonds spanning from pure, monochromatic brilliance to a vivid, multicolored extravaganza exists in the world of jewelry. 

While eyes are often immediately drawn to the traditional sparkle of colorless diamonds, we won’t deny the allure of a prismatic display! Colors can make attractive and tasteful choices in a classical diamond ring, and each of these gems comes with varied significance and sentiment. These hued pieces, affectionately known as “fancy diamonds” or “fancies”, are also often incredibly rare and valuable – much like the intimate relationships we share with our loved ones. Reflect the uniqueness of your love and watch for the twinkle in your significant other’s eye with any of these mesmerizing diamonds below:

Yellow Diamonds: Warmth & Joy

Diamonds are formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface under high levels of heat and pressure. While the absence of color indicates that a diamond is pure and devoid of trace elements, a yellow tint is caused by the presence of nitrogen during its formation. The intensity of a yellow diamond depends on the amount of nitrogen within the stone. Softer tones can be warm and comforting, and vivid ones fun and uplifting. Stronger and brighter shades have also been affectionately referred to as canary yellow diamonds.

Yellow diamonds make a delightful choice as an engagement ring. Like the sun, they radiate eternal warmth, happiness and optimism; but also offer wisdom and represent abundance. Sounds like someone you know? There’s nothing better to personify the joy one brings to your life than a glimmering ray of sunshine.

Green Diamonds: Growth & Youthfulness 

Green is a refreshing sight to the eyes and signifies all things good and new. Often developing from exposure to radioactive minerals, natural green diamonds are among the rarest in the world and often fetch high prices. Today, color-enhanced diamonds are introduced to cope with the demand for green and other fancy diamonds. While they may not encapsulate the novelty of geological rarity like their natural counterparts, they provide a more accessible option for those who can’t resist the pull of these earthy gemstones. 

Manifest a new beginning with a bewitching green diamond, from crisp mint to rich emerald, symbolizing vitality, growth and nature.

Blue Diamonds: Serenity & Truth

Blue diamonds are anything but ice-cold. Capturing faith, loyalty and peace, these oceanic-looking jewels carry the depth of enduring and supportive relationships to last a lifetime and beyond. Associated with wealth and knowledge, blue diamonds are truly well-balanced for couples and individuals alike. Furthermore, they form less than 0.02% diamonds mined, making them very special.

It turns out, the color of these gemstones may hint at their origin – the sea! They get their blue from boron, an element that may have come from deep within the Earth’s mantle, in the presence of ancient seafloors a long time ago. As if blue diamonds aren’t romantic enough, their most famous incarnation, The Hope Diamond has even inspired an appearance on the silver screen – taking on the role of the majestic necklace, the Heart of the Ocean onboard James Cameron’s Titanic in 1997. 

Purple Diamonds: Luxury & Spirituality

Purple diamonds convey a sense of regality unknown to other colors and excite most jewelry collectors regardless of their taste. These exquisite and enigmatic gemstones speak of mystery, creativity and prestige. Stunning in every size and hue, purples take on their gorgeous appearance in an assortment of cuts, from pear, cushion, to oval, baguette and more. One of the most well-known purple diamond rings is a US$4 million, 8-carat one gifted by Lakers legend Kobe Bryant to his wife, Vanessa Bryant in 2003.

Pink Diamonds: Femininity & Romance

Most pink diamonds originate from Australia. Accounting for less than 1% of the now-defunct Argyle mine’s production, these diamonds are exceedingly rare, and are one of the highest-priced diamonds in the market. This has not dissuaded others from investing in the romantically-hued stone though. On the contrary, they are met with overwhelming demand, thanks to their unique color and scarcity.

A fascinating fact about pink diamonds is that their exact formation process is not fully understood. Some theories suggest that their color may be caused by color centers stemming from lattice defects. If you’re considering gifting a pink diamond ring to your partner, sharing this intriguing tidbit can add to the charm of these gems, which are often associated with sophistication, femininity, and tenderness.

Final Thoughts

The radiance of colorless diamonds is absolutely spellbinding, but the beauty of their colored equals should not be sidelined. Rather, diamonds, regardless of their distinctive qualities and allure, should all be appreciated, as they each help infuse the vast world of gemstones with kaleidoscopic splendor. While yellow diamonds lend warmth and joy, green ones provide vitality and growth. And while blue diamonds symbolize peace and truth, purple ones inspire royalty and spirituality. Pink, meanwhile, delivers romance, tenderness and affection.

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