Yes, apparently diamond is hard enough to cut glass but don’t be too shocked when you notice a scratch, chip, fracture or two after breaking it out for a while. As one of earth’s most precious elements, diamond is surprisingly resistant to damage, ranking at ten on the Mohs hardness scale but this by no means translates to invincibility. 

To prevent it from losing its sparkle, it is therefore essential to protect and care for it for as long as you would like it to retain its true value. We know this means more than money to you – so make sure it shines through your lifetime and forever! 

Here are some tips that will help you keep the bling on your ring like you just slipped it on yesterday:

Avoid Touching the Center Stone

You don’t have to keep your hands off your ring, but do avoid touching the jewel if you don’t want to put a dampener on its rays. Fingerprints can easily impart dust and dirt that coat the surface of your ring. Over time, this can build up to obstruct the refraction and reflection of light within the stone, causing it to appear dull and lifeless. 

Instead of undermining the beauty of your diamond through unnecessary contact, handle your ring by the band. This also prevents you from leaving traces of other substances like sunscreen, toothpaste or perfume which can cloud or damage your accessory’s centerpiece.

Clean Your Ring the Right Way

If you would like your diamonds to be squeaky clean, remember that it does not require strength but rather, the right technique. This includes the powerful cleaning solutions on top of brute force applied to your gemstone. Don’t be encouraged by advice imploring you to use abrasive substances like bleach, chlorine and acetone apart from harming your diamond, they can tarnish the coating on your band, too.

That said, it is recommended that you get your diamond ring cleaned professionally by an experienced jeweler, who will use specialized devices and solutions to gently displace and remove any gunk. These are ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners that clean gently and deeply. Aim to bring your ring over at least twice a year to maintain the shine and fire within the stone.

Till then, you can attempt cleaning it at home safely with the following steps:

  1. 1. Prepare a warm bath containing a few drops of mild dish soap or a suitable jewelry cleaning solution. If you are doing this in the sink, first ensure that your drain is plugged.
  2. 2. Soak your ring, letting it sit for up to half an hour. During this time, you may lightly cleanse the ring with a soft-bristled brush. Take note of nooks and crannies that tend to build up dirt and oil.
  3. 3. Once done, rinse and pat dry with a lint-free cloth.

  4. The above three steps can be done every few weeks between your visits to a professional jeweler.

Protect Your Ring from Wear and Tear

Diamonds can scratch, chip and fracture from rough and normal handling if you aren’t careful enough. As such, the best way to protect it from wear and tear is to remove it completely during hands-on tasks and activities, like when you’re engaging in house chores, sports or operating machinery. 

Even so, the place where you choose to store it matters. While it may seem logical to place your ring in the jewelry box with your other prized possessions, take note of whether it would knock or rub against its neighboring items before doing so, as scratches may affect the clarity of a diamond.

A fabric-lined box or a ring box can adequately cushion a diamond ring and prevent it from suffering superficial scuff marks. 

Strategically Place Ring Boxes or Dishes around the House

All things considered, it may be a good idea to plant some ring boxes or open ring dishes around your house. With designated places for your ring throughout your home, you’ll never have to look too hard for a spot to park your ring, or when you’re not so sure where you last saw it. This also inculcates the habit to only set your ring down in familiar or established territories, preventing you from misplacing the valuable jewelry piece easily.

Choose Which Occasions to Ditch the Ring

Diamonds aren’t forever if you lose them, be it in parts or as a whole. Whether the ring in question is a dazzling sole solitaire or an intricately lined pavé, reconsider wearing the ring for hands-on activities as stones are at risk of dislodging when subjected to significant impact or pressure. If there’s a chance you may take it off at some point during the activity, it may be better to forgo it altogether – you don’t want to take it off and leave it behind unknowingly. 

Likewise, moisture or changes in temperature may also cause the ring to come off more easily. Assess your plans so you can make an informed decision on whether to don or ditch your ring to keep it safe, sound and secure.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments

Just like our bodies, diamond rings require regular screening to maintain their health and twinkle. Schedule maintenance appointments annually to make sure it is in optimal condition, in addition to your own visual checks at home. Professionals can not only assess and examine your ring for newly acquired defects, but also repair it and restore its original luster and radiance if needed. This could include the likes of polishing, tightening and rhodium plating to keep your gem and its bands smooth, shiny and shapely. 

Inspect your diamond ring in your own time so signs of trouble don’t go unnoticed until it’s too late. Scan for imperfections with your naked eye, and check if there are any sounds that emit when you shake your ring. 

Here are some pointers that could mean it’s time for an urgent appointment with the jeweller:

  • Loose, bent or damaged prongs
  • Loose or missing diamonds for both side and center stones 
  • Scratches, chips or fractures in the diamond
  • Deep scratches and cracks in the shank
  • Noticeable discoloration in the diamond or metal

Ensuring the structural integrity of the ring prevents irreversible damage that could incur more cost in replacements. Check your ring regularly to address minor defects before they snowball into something bigger.

Purchase Ring Insurance and Ensure It Has Warranty Coverage

A ring is a financial investment, and like all things hefty in cost, deserves to be insured in case of loss, theft or damage. Scour insurance plans for one that offers rightful coverage for your diamond ring and get the relevant paperwork done promptly, as accidents are unpredictable and can happen even with utmost care. Thus, it is also imperative that your ring is appraised regularly by a certified gemologist or appraiser, so that the insured value matches its current, actual valuation.

In the same vein, check if your diamond ring comes with a warranty whether it is for a lifetime or shorter. These warranties and guarantees can cover services from repairs to replacements as part of their afterservice. While tedious, familiarizing yourself with the information around your ring’s purchase can save you time, pain and money. Additionally, it alleviates some fears about bringing your treasured gemstones out, allowing you to bask in their beauty without worry.

Reconsider Getting the Ring Resized

Lost or gained some weight? It’s only natural to want to resize your ring so you can keep it in your daily ensemble, but give it a second thought if you’re not so sure this is permanent. Adjustments to the ring’s structure can weaken the ring, making it more susceptible to damage. Instead of making the ring fit your finger, it may be wiser to wait until it fits you again.

This brings us back to the initial process of purchasing. When buying a ring of great worth, take extra care in confirming that it is well-sized and wraps around your finger snugly before bringing it home. Ideally, the ring should slide over your knuckles with some, but minimal resistance – allowing you to move freely and easily without fear. Work with an experienced jeweler to find the best fit that’s most comfortable for you.


A diamond ring, especially an engagement ring, is a brilliant reminder of an everlasting promise and love. Only by not neglecting it and by practicing good habits in taking care of it can one ensure that it reflects the sentimental and monetary value it embodies.

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