A light and delicate ring collection infused
with the blessings of nature.

  • Concept

    Express eternal love with the language of flowers.
    Engagement rings adorned with the namesake of beautiful blossoms, and wedding rings named after playful dancing fairies.

    Concept Concept
  • Surrounded By The Blessings
    of Flowers and Fairies

    This wedding ring collection pairs perfectly with simple and delicate outfits. With the theme of bountiful nature, these rings bring fortune from flowers and fairies.


  • Diamonds That Make
    Your Dreams Come True

    The ring features a diamond befitting of everyday wear and is perfect for any occasion. A perfect balance of quality and price.

    ※The design of this engagement ring is not customizable. The grade and size of the centre diamond are fixed and cannot be changed.

  • Designs That Adorn The Finger

    A fine and delicate design that elevates the beauty of the fingers. Feel how it effortlessly fits onto your finger every time you slip it on. It is light, airy, and comfortable.


The Flowery Series is a collection of graceful rings.
Sparkle along with blessings of beautiful flowers and fairies.

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