There is no better ornament to represent one’s love than wedding rings – metallic marvels crafted to embody the infinite love and commitment of two people, gently sheathed on the fourth finger of the left hand during an intimate exchange of heartfelt vows. 

Deeply rooted in tradition, the significance of wedding rings is long-entrenched and likely to remain through decades and generations of soulful unions. But a growing number of new couples now approach the idea of happily-ever-afters with a new outlook on their wedding rings. The emblem of enduring affection and devotion, once plain and understatedly elegant, has now spawned innumerable permutations in designs that ooze both subtle and brazen modern allure. And these pieces are fervently picked out and worn by partners to unapologetically proclaim their commitment to each other today. 

In this article, we take a look at some of the top wedding ring trends that infuse old-world charm with a contemporary twist. From simple and sophisticated to unconventional and uninhibited, here are some of the most stylish rings sitting on the fingers of loved-up couples these days:

1. East-West Setting Rings

Go against the norms with an east-west setting ring, which features an elongated stone fixed horizontally, perpendicular to the length of your finger. Embracing clearcut modernity, this ring is about as quirky as you can get without an ostentatious display of gemstones and excessive extravagance. Catch the unconventional setting with your favorite stone shapes from oval, cushion, baguette, to emerald and more. 

2. Eternity Rings

Featuring I-PRIMO’s MANI Ring

Eternity rings are excellent markers of milestones like engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Encircling a finger with a continuous string of diamonds or gemstones, they denote exactly what their name implies: a promise of everlasting love and dedication.

While their concept is distinct and classical, modern eternity rings vary in designs, from the intricacy of the metalwork to the size of the band, color of the stones and more. Furthermore, they are increasingly used as part of a series of stackable rings, offering fashionable combinations that assert that you’re not merely one half of a whole, but your own person as well.

3. Double Band Rings

A spin-off from stacking rings, double band rings are two separate and thin rings interconnected at the shank, shoulder or base to create a layered effect or an illusion of stacked rings. Bold and bordering on edgy, double band rings can go with or without a centre stone depending on the couple’s personal preferences. Oftentimes they are also simplistic in nature, making them suitable for any occasion and everyday wearing.

4. Pavé Rings

Featuring I-PRIMO’s Carina Ring

The pavé setting involves lining tiny diamonds across the surface of the ring, resembling a pavement of closely set gemstones. Utterly brilliant, the pavé ring does not hold back, and lends a flair of sophistication and luxury when worn.

Although frequently associated with women’s jewelry, pavé rings make an apt choice for men too. In the case of wedding bands, some couples may choose to forgo the center stone, replacing it with a timeless and unisex design and a pavé accent as the final touch.

5. Open Rings

Effortlessly chic, open rings are disconnected rings that make use of negative space, exuding an air of artistic appeal. Beyond their uncluttered dignity, couples opt for open rings in a practical approach to don them with their engagement rings. With the right choices, the empty space between two ends of each open ring functions as a complementary gap where their engagement ring (one with a centre stone) fits snugly – a perfect match, just like lock and key.

6. Cathedral Rings

Featuring I-PRIMO’s CERES Ring

Cathedral setting rings are characterized by their elegant design, featuring the shoulders of each ring outstretched towards an uplifted diamond above a hoisted gallery. Conventionally used as engagement rings, more couples are experimenting with the concept of adopting a matching set as wedding bands today – wherein its timeless quality is injected with polished sleekness, sporting a minimalist aesthetic represented by a single solitaire as a dazzling focal point.

Other style pairings with cathedral setting rings in recent years include bypass designs, hidden halos and oval solitaires.

7. Toi et Moi Rings

You and me. That’s what the French term Toi et Moi means, in a bewitching concept that seems to deliver a gripping narrative around the wearer, suggesting an extraordinary tale of love, romance and passion. This vogueish ring is a common sight in magazines, draped in a myriad of colors, but who is to say maximalism can’t be walked down the aisle? 

With customization options that allow individuals to select gemstones that resonate with their personal taste, couples can now celebrate their special day in ways that break traditional boundaries, even making room for their individuality to shine alongside each other. Toi et Moi rings are striking spectacles that burst with joy and life, serving as perfect reminders of the partner who will be with you through a lifetime of highs and lows. 

8. Two-Tone Rings

Featuring I-PRIMO’s HOSHIAI Wedding Ring

Two-tone rings merge two different metal colors together in a single ring for a harmonious blend, akin to the unification of two partners and personalities. Trim, trendy and nonetheless enduring, two-tone rings are a suave and urban addition that stands the test of time with their ageless contemporary flair.

Bonus: Rose Gold Rings

Radiating with warmth and retro charm, rose gold rings are gaining momentum as an alternative choice to the pristine coolness of silver-white, and the quaint and luscious quality of yellow-gold. With its inviting rosy hue, this ring trend accommodates a diverse range of designs, from unadorned and engraved bands to carefully crafted eternity rings. Raise eyebrows with a subtle yet distinctive look offered by rose gold rings at once romantic, graceful and progressive. Choose from I-PRIMO’s complete collection of luxurious rose gold rings for something at once special and ageless!


Wedding rings offer more than monetary value, and can make an impactful statement on one’s relationship with their significant other. Encapsulate your love in sophistication and style at I-PRIMO today, where we house a selection of ring designs spanning from artistic and experimental, to classy and grand. Immortalize your love and capture the reflection of present time in a pair of stunning rings that will last through a century.